GAMEDAY – Eat Fuku
catering fried chicken fingers and sandwiches



To enter a catering request, please fill out the following form. Game Day Packages are available for pickup or free delivery in NYC and Boston. This form serves as an inquiry and you will receive an order confirmation via email if we are able to accommodate your request. Regular catering is also available at

Game Day Slider Package ($125 including delivery) contains:
10 Spicy Fried Chicken Sliders (habanero chicken thigh, pickle, butter, potato roll)
10 Knockout Sliders (spicy fried chicken sandwich, seasoned cabbage, knockout sauce)
Tiger Bread (griddled cheesy bread)

Fuku Finger Package ($125 including delivery) contains:
20 Original Fingers
20 Sweet & Spicy Fingers
Tiger Bread (griddled cheesy bread)

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